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Sine Wave Inverter/UPS for Home

Falcon+ (700-1600VA)

Falcon+ (700-1600VA)

Powered by 4th generation microprocessor and ATC technology and many other revolutionary features, Falcon+ is the best inverter/UPS for homes. We highly recommend it for all home buyers.

Falcon++ (1100VA)

Falcon++ (1100VA)

The only difference between Falcon+ and Falcon++ is that Falcon++ looks more stylish than Falcon+ and also has a LED screen. This luxury smart inverter is a little bit expensive than Falcon+.

Falcon HBU (1100VA)

Falcon HBU (1100VA)

HBU stands for high backup. This home UPS is the only inverter in India to get a 4 star energy rating for being 98% efficient. It gives at least 45 minutes more backup than any other inverters.

Shiny HUPS - Inverter

Shiny HUPS / Inverter (700VA - 1400VA)

This is Su-Kam's classic and affordable pure sine wave inverter.

Falcon Sine Wave HUPS

Falcon Sine Wave HUPS (600VA - 1400VA)

The first version of Falcon series by Su-Kam, this sine wave home UPS has been installed in many countries worldwide.

Square Wave Inverter/UPS for Home

Shark HUPS / Inverter

Shark HUPS / Inverter (700 VA - 1600)

Popular square inverter - suitable for homes

Pico (100 VA / 12 V)

Pico (100 VA / 12 V)

Perfect for small power needs

Torque HUPS / Inverter

Torque HUPS / Inverter (700 VA - 2000 VA)

Square wave inverter that can power electrical appliances of upto 2000VA

Micron HUPS / Inverter

Micron HUPS / Inverter (150 VA & 250 VA)

Square wave inverter for light electrical load

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